Photos from some of the games on monday

Skrivet 22 juli 2019 15:48
Ändrad 23 juli 2019 14:36

Today the Södertälje International Fotball Cup started.

Svensk-Palestinska FF - Lai-Cuo Elementery School. For moore pictures, click here...

Stockholm Södra FF Medel - IFK Tumba FK. For moore pictures, click here...

Skogsås Trångsunds FF - Assyriska. For moore pictures, click here...


Skrivet 21 juli 2019 21:41
The outdoor cinema is back in Södertälje City! The 25:th of july the movie " A star is born" will be displayed at Marenplan under the stars. The movies appear just before the sunset (about 21:30) July 25 - A Star is Born (2018) Bring friends, acquaintances, neighbors, cousins and enjoy a quality movie in the open air. The investment in outdoor theater is a collaboration between Södertälje cit... Läs mer
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