The Winner of Green Card & Great Adult in SIF CUP 2018 - Södertälje International Football Cup

The Winner of Green Card & Great Adult in SIF CUP 2018

Skrivet 14 juli 2018 00:07
Ändrad 22 juli 2018 16:59

All these teams get a cruise with cabins and food from Tallink Silja, because of great behavior during the SIF CUP 2018.

The winner below, is the teams that has collected most card during the tournament, during the group play.
Gammelgårdens IF (Girls U18)G18
Tartu JK TammekaB17
Ursvik IKB13
Armeiska Syrianska G16
FC Santos TartuB14
FC Santos TartuB12
Pro Touch Soccer Academy (Girls 11/12)G11/12
Pärnu JK VaprusB7/8
Kohila JK PüsivusB11
Södra Boys Stockholm B9
Pershagens SK VitB10
Södertälje FF (Girls 13/14)G13/14
PPJ Helsinki B15

Congratulations to the teams and leaders for great behavior!


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