Radio was broadcasting live from the cup - Södertälje International Football Cup

Radio was broadcasting live from the cup

Skrivet 24 juli 2019 12:34
Ändrad 24 juli 2019 12:35
Sveriges Radio P4 Södertälje/Stockholm, was at Rosenborgsskolan i Södertälje on tuesday. The reporter Julia Blomgren interviewed Leif Carlsson and Ninos Touma. You can listen to the program. The interviw will come after two hours in the program "Förmida i P4 Stockholm" . Click here....

Nästa nyhet: "Better than we expected" Radio-interview with Lovisa anda Ayas

Skrivet 24 juli 2019 12:16
P4 Stockholm Swedish Radio visit the cup on tuesday and was broadcasting live from the restaurant. They met Lovisa Lindblom and Ayas Gahyad, working in the kitchen. Listen to the interview by click here... ( ) Läs mer