OUTDOOR CINEMA IN THE CITY - Södertälje International Football Cup


Skrivet 21 juli 2019 21:41

The outdoor cinema is back in Södertälje City!

The 25:th of july the movie " A star is born" will be displayed at Marenplan under the stars. The movies appear just before the sunset (about 21:30)

July 25 - A Star is Born (2018)

Bring friends, acquaintances, neighbors, cousins ​​and enjoy a quality movie in the open air.

The investment in outdoor theater is a collaboration between Södertälje city scene and Södertälje City.

Of course it is completely free. Welcome!

Event info:
Recording prohibited
Movie viewing regardless of the weather
Disabled places are available below the stairs

NOTE: Non-smoking event.
Smokers are referred to location outside the event area.
According to the new Swedish law that applies from July 1, 2019, all public venues should be non-smoking.

Nästa nyhet: LIVE TV

Skrivet 21 juli 2019 21:09
LIVE TV Södertälje International Fotball Cup will broadcast all matches live on soldsport.com Tell your family and friends back home to watch you playing. If you want to follow your team just click here... Läs mer