LIVE TV - Södertälje International Football Cup


Skrivet av Tony Berglund 21 juli 2019 21:09
Ändrad av Tony Berglund 21 juli 2019 21:14

Södertälje International Fotball Cup will broadcast all matches live on

Tell your family and friends back home to watch you playing.

If you want to follow your team just click here...

Nästa nyhet: Have a good time between the games!

Skrivet av 19 juli 2019 10:55
When you check in to your accommodation in the school, remember that all teams have tickets to a lot of fun and joy between the games. Here are all the places and activities you got for free if you live in one of our cupschools: Södertälje Park activity center: Open: 10:00-18:00 Monday to Friday. Free activities. Soft Golf, Disc Golf, Foot Golf, Archery, Boule, Hole Golf, Zorb Ball and Arrow G... Läs mer