Have a good time between the games! - Södertälje International Football Cup

Have a good time between the games!

Skrivet 19 juli 2019 10:55
Ändrad 19 juli 2019 11:22
When you check in to your accommodation in the school, remember that all teams have tickets to a lot of fun and joy between the games.

Here are all the places and activities you got for free if you live in one of our cupschools:

Södertälje Park activity center:

Open: 10:00-18:00 Monday to Friday.

Free activities. Soft Golf, Disc Golf, Foot Golf, Archery, Boule, Hole Golf, Zorb Ball and Arrow Golf. A park where you can have a lot of fun in many ways. You can also book Bubble ball, Archery Tag and capture the flag. Bookings are mad on telephonenumber; +468 410 037 21

Sydpoolen Aqua Park:

Open: 17:30-20.30 OBS! only wednesday

Fun watergames, different pools, watertoys, wavepool, slides, bubblepools, saunas and many other funny things for all who love water!

Tom Tits Experiment:

Open: 10:00-18:00 Monday to Sunday.

A science centre for the whole family. Tom Tits have four floors and a park (open May-September) with experiments that children, teenagers and adults can enjoy. Every day Tom Tits offer soap bubble shows and pop-up science shows for visitors.

The worlds walk:

Time: about 19:00 thursday

Participate this fantastic and traditional walk together on the streets of Södertälje. A parade that give you goosebumps.

Remember also that we will take photos of all teams.

Welcome and have a good time!

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