Swedish television was broadcasting from the Cup - Södertälje International Football Cup

Swedish television was broadcasting from the Cup

Skrivet 31 augusti 2019 10:31
Ändrad 31 augusti 2019 10:35

Swedish televisions reporter, Michelle Derblom Jobe. was covering the final day of Södertälje International Football Cup. She made a lot of intervjues with players from some of the participations teams.

You can se the broadcast report here...

A lot of international media was also present: like the egyptian club Al Ahli i Kairo, who broadcast over their own TV-channel. Sudan via webb-TV. Irag-, Kuwaits-, Lebanons and Taiwans ambassadys broadcast movies from the tournament. Severals homepages on Internet make publications of the cup. Also a lot of Youtubers.

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Skrivet 26 juli 2019 17:17
Södertälje International Football Cup wants to thanks everyone for a lovley week. On friday all the finals was played. And the priceceremony got speciell because ambassadors from Lebanon, Iraq, Taiwan and Kuwait was a part of it. You can see a lot of pictures on our Facebook page. Mixed pictures, click here... Ambassadors, click here... HFC vs Assyriska, click here... Soccer Barcelona Accademy... Läs mer