New Södertälje International Football Cup contributes to increased sales for local companies. Many people get a piece of the cake, mainly the trade and the tourist industry. But other industries also benefit greatly from the tournament.

Studies show that events of this kind lead to a greatly increased turnover. Next summer we expect between 5,000 and 10,000 people comeing to Södertälje during the tournament. In addition to players and leaders, the New Södertälje International Football Cup is also visited by parents, siblings, and friends of the participants who, in connection with the visit, take the opportunity to shop, go to a restaurant and visit various attractions and attractions.

Many families, with participating children, mainly from other parts of the country and our neighboring countries choose to stay on holiday before or after the tournament and then take the opportunity to buy other goods and services locally. The tournament itself also generates money locally through the purchase of food, rental cars, arena equipment, consumables and much more.

The new Södertälje International Football Cup is a sympathetic people's party that attracts great interest and that gets the town alive with thousands of happy people strolling around the surrounding area.

There are no back pages with the arrangement. Despite the large number of visitors, the police and police have a quiet week in connection with the New Södertälje International Football Cup. In addition, public health is favored by sports children