Be a member of our winning team

In the New Södertälje International Football Cup everyone is the winner. Also business. With players, leaders, parents, accompanying siblings and other relatives, we expect between 5,000 and 10,000 visitors in town on July 6-10. Studies show that events of this kind lead to a strong increase in turnover for the local trade and the hospitality industry. But other industries also benefit directly from the large influx of tourists. Many people share the cake. Good examples of this are Sweden's two largest football tournaments; Gothia Cup in Gothenburg and Piteå Summer Games. Our wish is that together we create something really good for the benefit of everyone and know that this is possible if we can just sit down and talk for a while to share ideas together. We have our concepts but are open to your / your suggestions and solutions. Only the imagination sets limits. Let's have a call! We are open to a discussion. As of 2020, Assyriska FF and Syrianska FC are the organizers of the New Södertälje International Football Cup. . It guarantees a well-functioning sporting event. Our ambition is to develop the tournament and gradually increase the number of participating teams, both from Sweden and abroad. The target 2020 is a doubling in size compared to 2019. Together we can give our visitors a sympathetic, experience-rich and memorable stay in Södertälje. By contributing in our direct marketing and information to participants, leaders, parents and families, we jointly create a win-win concept. Do you want to be a part of this? The new Södertälje International Football Cup, with the now managing organizer staff, has good opportunities to become one of Sweden's biggest tournaments within a few years. This is where we aim and the tactics are offensive. We hope that your company / organization becomes a partner with Nya Södertälje International Football Cup and helps to create a real folk party in our city. Here are some of our suggestions: Arena advertising plus advertisements on website and in the Cup newspaper. Direct sales in connection with arenas and Cup centers. Participation in leadership and sponsorship meetings. Relationships between companies with international ambitions and diplomats from a number of embassies. Participate in lectures and tickets to the closing party. We also have new, not yet decided projects and ideas that may be of interest to you and your company.