Senaste nytt: Great final of the Södertälje International Football Cup

Skrivet av 26 juli 2019 17:17
Södertälje International Football Cup wants to thanks everyone for a lovley week. On friday all the finals was played. And the priceceremony got speciell because ambassadors from Lebanon, Iraq, Taiwan and Kuwait was a part of it. You can see a lot of pictures on our Facebook page. Mixed pictures, click here... Ambassadors, click here... HFC vs Assyriska, click here... Soccer Barcelona Accademy... Läs mer

What a sparkling walk!

Skrivet av 25 juli 2019 23:31
Hundreds of happy young footballplayers was walking through Södertälje City on thursday evening. They were marsching accompanied by an orchestra and draw attention. The parade ended at Marenplan. People in the city was gladly suprised of the sparkling parade called The Worlds Walk, a part of Södertälje International Football Cup. Läs mer

Join the Worlds Walk - a parade through the city to the outdoor cinema

Skrivet av 24 juli 2019 18:03
Being a part of this tradition will give you goosebumps. Together we walk in a parade that ends up at the outdoor cinema in the center of Södertälje. The walk takes about 10 minutes. The cinema starts at 21:30 and will show the movie "A star is born featuring Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper. The cinema is free of charge. START: 19:00 PLACE: Outside the Dining Hall Läs mer

Moore photos from the cup

Skrivet av 24 juli 2019 15:07
We have added two new photoalbums on facebook. One it's from the game between New Mill Inians versus Syrianska FC (girls). And the other one it's frpm the game between Paide Linnameeskond versus Södertälje Inter FC. See the albums: Paide Linnameeskond versus Södertälje Inter FC click here... ( ) New Mill Inians ver... Läs mer

Radio was broadcasting live from the cup

Skrivet av 24 juli 2019 12:34
Sveriges Radio P4 Södertälje/Stockholm, was at Rosenborgsskolan i Södertälje on tuesday. The reporter Julia Blomgren interviewed Leif Carlsson and Ninos Touma. You can listen to the program. The interviw will come after two hours in the program "Förmida i P4 Stockholm" . Click here.... ( Läs mer

"Better than we expected" Radio-interview with Lovisa anda Ayas

Skrivet av 24 juli 2019 12:16
P4 Stockholm Swedish Radio visit the cup on tuesday and was broadcasting live from the restaurant. They met Lovisa Lindblom and Ayas Gahyad, working in the kitchen. Listen to the interview by click here... ( ) Läs mer

Uppdaterat spelschema är publicerad!

Lottningen och spelschemat har publicerats efter uppdateringen som gjordes 2019-07-16. De tider som ni hade när spelschemat lanserades första gången stämmer inte överens med de nya tiderna. Ta en titt på nya spelschemat som ni hittar genom att klicka här.


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