Tuesdays leader party and necessary information

Written 10 July 2017 21:13
Edited 10 July 2017 21:18

During tuesday evening, the big leader party will take place. We will meet at 19.00 at Södertälje IP. We will go to Södertälje Park by bus and there will three hours of fun wait for us.

We hope that many of you will show up. To be a part of the leader party you need to contact the information in the area around Södertälje IP.

If you want to go to the awesome place, Tom Tits, you can get your tickets for free at the information in the area around Södertälje IP.

If you want to play Bubble Ball or Archery tag at Södertälje Park you have to book the day before.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. You will find us under the name Sifcup. Don’t forget to use the #sifcup2017 when you uploading pictures and videos on social media.

Next news item: Welcome to Södertälje and the welcome meeting on monday evening

Written 10 July 2017 14:46
During Monday evening the welcome meeting will be held at Södertälje IP. 20:00. We start by greeting all the teams, players, coaches and visitors welcome to Södertalje and Södertalje International Football Cup. There will also be some activities, among other things, players from around the world invited to a game of Bubble Ball. Do not miss this. Do not miss that Sodertalje Park has opened. A... Read more
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