MENYN 2018

Saturday 7/7

Dinner Hamburgers served with bread and vegetables

Sunday 8/7

Lunch Sausage Stroganoff served with rice

Dinner Fish gratin served with boiled potatoes

Monday 9/7

Lunch Kebab served with pitabread

Dinner Spagetti Bolognese served with grated cheese

Tuesday 10/7

Lunch Goulash served with sour cream and bread

Dinner Chicken gyros served with potato wedges & tzatziki

Wednesday 11/7

Lunch Chili con carne served with rice

Dinner Beef stew served with bulgur

Thursday 12/7

Lunch Meatballs served with macaronis

Dinner Curry Chicken stew served with rice

Friday 13/7

Lunch Breaded fish served with remoulade & boiled potatoes

Dinner Beef patty served with boiled potatoes & cream sauce

Saturday 14/7

Lunch Pasta carbonara made on chicken

Dinner Sausages served with mashed potatoes mixed with herbs and garlic

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