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ViLirare becomes co-organizer of Södertalje International Football Cup

ViLirare with 400 ex premier division football players, coaches and judges will together with Södertalje Park be organizer of SIF CUP

ViLirare becomes co-organizer of Södertalje International Football Cup (SIF CUP)

ViLirare with 400 ex premier division football players, coaches and judges will together with Södertalje Park be organizer of SIF CUP, a youth tournament for girls and boys aged 9-19 years. Together they will develop an annual international cup.

ViLirare founded by Bosse Petersson 2014, this was a reaction to the death of Helsingborg, when a Djurgården Supporter lost their lives as a result of unnecessary violence. He wanted the network in Swedish fooball affect football as well sporting as cultural. The number of ambassadors after more than two surpasses all expectations, and the number grows almost daily. To develop ViLirare's continued work, implements now a number of different initiatives. There, among the SIF CUP.

- When we asked about the cooperation it felt right from the first moment. We appreciate SIF CUP's work with value issues, Green Card, No Diving, Great Adult and Yes She Can, who in all respects coincide with our own. Says founder Bosse Petersson.

Bosse continues: -That SIF CUP built in two years is unique. Impressive to the Cup already the second year have had teams from 15 nations and about 1000 international visitors to Södertälje. A strength of the project is also Södertälje want to be involved in building up a great international cup. Södertälje position is also ideal.

The project manager, Johan Rolander says: 'I am happy and proud to ViLirare becomes part of us. It is one confirmation that our work is reflected upon. With ViLirare we get Sweden's football elite as co-organizer, which means increased efforts and contacts for recruitment of footballteams, but also the expertise to ensure the quality of the tournament in detail. This will give the cup potential to develop into a significantly faster pace.

Johan also says: We know that Södertälje has great potential to become the Stockholm region equivalent to the Gothia Cup. We have our city that wish our best. In our city football is the biggest sport. Another of our main strengths is Södertälje's location, with five international airport in just over an hour, the two major highways, rail service with speedtrains, the ports of Stockholm and to our capital, which is only half an hour away.

The registration of SIF CUP 2017 has started much better than in previous years and the hope is to reach 25 participating nations and increase the number of Swedish and Scandinavian teams. Cup can now have 670 teams participate.

SIF CUP, Johan Rolander +46 (0) 727 22 8414 johan@sifcup,seViLirare, Bosse Petersson +46 (0) 707 30 63 85 bo.petersson@vilirare.se

About Södertalje International Football Cup

2014 the ciry was approached by Keith Karlsson Astor with the desire to develop a large football tournament Sodertalje. The municipality liked the idea, and two years later SIF CUP grown into an international football tournament, with teams from all over the world. Objectives of the SIF CUP is clear. They want to make their mark in the value issues on and off the footballpitches, to become a significant maiden tournament and be an international meeting place for children and youth.

For more information about Södertälje International Football Cup: www.sifcup.se


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